NEWS from D-port


D-Port announces the collaboration with the experienced tv producer,   
Nikos Kondidis.
Our team is being en ritched with experienced tv partners in order to meet the new standards of  the potential audiovisiul market. We are creating a new platform of  affiliates and programs for expanding the portofolio of our company.
  • We are preparing new daily series with a temporary title:                 TO SPITI STIN THIELLA
  • We are preparing our new comedy series:                                                  ARCHIKARAGKIOZIS
  • We are preparing weekly music-contest show:                                              ETSI KAI ALLIOS
  • We are preparing weekly series of documents drama:                         PATHOS KAI EGKLIMA
                                                                 «Binaural project» 
Visit the site and we will announce soon audition for two theatrical plays for
                     «Binaural  project» 

                 e_ experiment v12.pdf (25695088)


Overview: The project is based on «Bilingual listening» and consists of two performances accompanied by two exhibitions of objects. Our company, has already written a play for adults entitled «The 3D Experiment» and one for children, «The 2cv talks to me!». The projects for the exhibition of objects, wich are part of the main idea of «Binaural project», already exist and their final electronic conversion is made, from the collection of objects by Dimitris Arvanitis and Thanasis Iatridis. On our premises we have configured and equipped a projection room with the necessary equipment of the «Bilingual listening» 

Watch the attached file:    e_ experiment v12.pdf (25695088)

Our first photo with the Absent wireless microphones …



Soon we will announce the publication new book by D. Arvanitis: BIO PARALLELI.