• About D-Port

D-Port is a movie and tv production company, founded by the successful director Dimitris Arvanitis, 28 years ago. It’ s primary goal is to provide high quality services for the productions of tv, cinema and live projects. D-Port with its long experience and know how,  offeres solutions and experience in every step.

  • Developing script ideas

D-Port never stops the ongoing process of generating new ideas for tv products. Witch its highly experienced team of script writers and ‘doctors’, D-Port develops new ideas for tv products and movies, aiming always at a world wide audience.

  • Human resources

D-Port works with a team of professionals in order to fulfill the needs of the most demanding production. There is a team of directors that work together for the best outcome.

  • Pre-Production

D-Port undertakes productions from pre-production level to post production. D-Port seeks to find co-producers, that will not only co-finance it’s projects, but at the same time, work creatively on designing the production. D-Port’s experience guarantees  an effective and complete production design witch meet the international standards.

  • Equipment

D-Port has fully upgraded equipment. Movie cameras, lightning, sound equipment and grip. (full list with all technical details, is included).

  • Post Production

D-Port has a fully upgraded editing units and also a sound studio. D-Port΄s music associates, can compose music for every project.