Actor’s survival guide to cinema and television





Writer:  Dimitris Arvanitis                                                                       Publishing: Kastaniotis

A new actor, when starring in a movie or television series, faces the complex world of the audiovisual industry, which defines innumerable unknown rules and thousands of technical details. Who will help him survive in this unknown reality? The book “Actor’s Survival Guide to Cinema and Television” is a series of simple and comprehensible hypocritical courses, aspiring to act as ‘instructions for seafarers’, not only for dramatic school students and young actors, but even for sophisticated professionals. The director, Dimitris Arvanitis, exploiting his twenty-year professional and his 10 years of teaching experience, attempts to break the confusion and fear of those who – and especially the young actors – are approaching the complex but so charming world of cinema and television. Weapons of knowledge, clarity, simplicity, but also humor.


In a little while will be released the new novel by Dimitris Arvanitis titled: “BIO FAVORITES”